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What Are the Benefits of Garbage Bags? What Is an Environmentally Friendly Garbage Bag?

1. What are the benefits of garbage bags? 

Firstly, it is the low cost. There is no need to consider safety and hygiene as food packaging bags in the production of plastic garbage bags. Garbage bags are only used to contain garbage and will not harm people's health. Most of the raw materials of garbage bags are recycled waste plastics. So, the production cost is very low.

Secondly, the use of plastic garbage bags is clean and hygienic for the indoors, because if the garbage bag is not put on the garbage can, it will produce thick stains for a long time. Not to mention the smell of these stains, bugs, cockroaches, etc. The garbage was not cleaned up the next time, and it had to be cleaned manually, which was particularly inconvenient.

Moreover, it's easy to use. Just take it and throw it away when you go to work or go out. Especially for high-floor residents, the garbage bins are generally downstairs, and you can just take them away when you go out for work. Save the trouble of climbing stairs back and forth.

2. What is an eco friendly garbage bag?

As the name implies, garbage bags are used for garbage, and garbage bags include ordinary garbage bags and eco friendly garbage bags.

The raw material of ordinary garbage bags is non-degradable polyethylene. According to traditional burial or incineration methods, it will pollute the environment, so it does not really play a role in "environmental protection". Some garbage bags add a degradable "starch machine" to the raw materials, but they can only "partially" degrade, and spread the garbage bags into "flakes". The broken garbage bags cannot be safely degraded, so this is not the true "environmental protection".

Only fully eco friendly biodegradable bags are truly environmentally friendly garbage bags. They can degrade into water and carbon dioxide without polluting the air and soil. Because photodegradation and water degradation require degradation in a specific environment, "biodegradation" is relatively common in the market. 

Up to now, the cost of degradable garbage bags is 3-5 times that of ordinary garbage bags, and the cost of use is much higher than that of ordinary garbage bags, so few users will choose to use environmentally friendly garbage bags. Degradable garbage bags occupy a small market share, so the circulation is very small. When we choose to buy, we must be careful.

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