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The Advantages of Corn Starch Cutlery

Cornstarch disposable cutlery is biodegradable products whose main raw material is corn starch, through the high temperature processing of high technology, which can be degraded naturally for avoiding environment contamination and saving non-renewable resources such as petroleum. By the national authoritative inspection department detection, the physical and chemical indicators of health have reached the national standard, corn starch cutlery is widely used in the catering market but controversial disinfection tableware’s ideal substitute. Corn starch biodegradable disposable utensil is a pollution-free green product for human survival and environmental protection, which is advocated internationally and strongly supported by national policies.

Ⅰ. How to distinguish cornstarch disposable cutlery

1. Visual observation. Namely starch utensil is dumb smooth product and there is color of some weak yellow or milky white, while non-starch utensil is dark or cyan.

2. Identify smells. That is, after similar products rub together to generate heat, starch products have a light corn paste or plant flavor, and other products have a plastic odor.

3. Combustion discrimination. That is, two types of products are burned, red flame for starch, blue flame for other types, when burning ashes crushed by hand, black powder for starch products, and powder more light color is other products.

4. The main components are composed of carrier resin, corn starch, coupling agent, wetting agent, phase solvent and other low molecular components.

Ⅱ. Advantages of corn starch disposable cutlery

1. As one of biodegradable disposable utensils, corn starch disposable cutlery is not harmful to humans. Because it is refined from corn starch and other environmentally friendly materials, it does not contain harmful substances and can be safely used for a long time.

2. Cornstarch disposable cutlery will not pollute the environment at all. The product buried in the soil, under the appropriate temperature, after 90 days, can be degraded to form carbon dioxide and water, the soil and air do not cause pollution.

3. Cornstarch disposable cutlery saves resources. Corn starch is a renewable resource that is inexhaustible, while paper and plastic utensils require a lot of wood and petrochemical products. Using corn starch as raw material can save a lot of oil and forest resources.

4. Cornstarch disposable cutlery is of high quality. It has good density with water resistance, oil resistance, anti-penetration, and good high temperature and low temperature resistance, suitable for refrigeration, refrigeration, food preservation, microwave heating and so on.

The cornstarch disposable cutlery of SOTON is made from natural corn starch, plant fiber, and polypropylene, and cornstarch spoons and cornstarch forks are made from 53% corn starch +47% polypropylene. Under the condition of industrial composting, the degradation rate reached 69% after 180 days. SOTON's corn starch spoons and forks are highly cost-effective and stable, and have obtained LFGB and FDA certification. Welcome to order our products! We also manufacturer other material biodegradable disposable utensils,  such as compostable plastic cutlery, inquiry environmentally friendly disposable cutlery, we can offer you competitive price.

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