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Odourless PLA Sip Straws

1. PLA biodegradable boba straws should not be reused

At present, more and more people begin to pay attention to and advocate environmental protection awareness, so many people are more willing to choose products related to environmental protection. PLA biodegradable boba straws are relatively common items in life, and they are usually disposable. Since some people consider the environmental protection or saving aspects, they are used to using the degradable straws repeatedly, but this is not advisable. You must know that not all items can be used repeatedly, especially disposable items such as PLA degradable straws, which may not save much money and may cause a lot of unnecessary troubles, such as hygiene, safety, health and other issues.

Can PLA biodegradable boba straws be used repeatedly? For most people, it is not necessary to use them repeatedly. Buying this product doesn't necessarily cost too much money. If the price of the product is relatively high, repeated use is still in line with the economic principle, but the average cost of sip straws is relatively low, there is really no need to be too entangled.

Biodegradable boba straws are not suitable for repeated use, which is entirely due to hygiene issues. A straw that has been used repeatedly is likely to have grown a lot of bacteria, entering the human body from the mouth and posing a threat to health, so there is really no need to use it repeatedly. Of course, when buying straws, in addition to the price factor, we should also pay attention to cost-effectiveness. It does not mean that the cheaper the price, the better choice. When it comes to oral health, you must not be sloppy, and you must always put your health first.

2. Odorless PLA straws are widely used

Including the currently used odorless PLA sip straws, it has covered the catering and food industry. Odorless PLA sip straws are marketed through the production of pulp materials. In recent years, odorless PLA sip straw manufacturers have gradually attracted everyone's attention. At present, plastic straws are slowly withdrawing from the market, mainly because plastic straws will load the entire natural environment during production and application. Therefore, plastic straws have not yet met the application requirements, and the improvement of modern production processes has resulted in the production of natural raw materials, and PLA sip straws have gradually become the mainstream of the catering industry market.

3. Odourless PLA straws have good biodegradability

The odorless PLA sip straws can be degraded to generate CO2 and H2O, which does not cause pollution to the natural environment and can meet the needs of industrial composting. The straw extruded at high temperature has good heat resistance and good solvent resistance. Its product smoothness, light transmittance and hand feel can replace petroleum-based products. Every physical and chemical index of the product can meet the food safety requirements of various places. regulatory requirements. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications and can basically meet the needs of most beverages in the current market.

The odorless and biodegradable boba straw has excellent moisture resistance and airtightness, and is stable at room temperature, but it can automatically decompose under the action of temperature higher than 45°C or oxygen enrichment and microorganisms. Special attention should be paid to the temperature during the transportation and storage of the product. Long-term high temperature will cause the PLA straw to deform. Odorless PLA straws are limited by the characteristics of raw materials and cannot be used for hot drinks. They are more suitable for cold drinks. It is believed that in the continuous improvement and innovation of technology in the future, we can slowly develop straw products that are both high temperature resistant and environmentally friendly.

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