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Why Are Coffee Straws Concave?

Coffee not only refreshes our minds, but also releases our mood, allowing people to calm down and sort out disturbed thoughts.

Coffee-drinkers may notice that the straws provided by fast food restaurants or coffee shops are different from ordinary straws-it is flatter and has a recess in the middle.

Ⅰ. The role of coffee straws

Because the coffee straw is concave, your lips will not be able to cover it all. When people use this kind of reusable portable straws, a part of the air will be sucked up along with the coffee, so that the flow rate of the sucked beverage will slow down, and the flow of air will lower its temperature.

In fact, ordinary straws cannot be used to drink hot drinks. Many places have slogans saying "Hot drinks, don't use straws". This is because when using a straw to drink a drink, it is not only difficult to control the intake, but it is also easy to directly send the drink into the deeper part of the mouth, and the cooling is not enough, which may cause burns to the mouth and throat. The concave straw in the coffee shop is to prevent scalding from hot drinks. Soton's has biodegradable straws bulk for coffee cup with safety quality.

Ⅱ. The purpose of coffee straw design

This design was originally designed to take care of women who apply lipstick. If you drink coffee directly from a paper cup after work, the lip gloss will fall off. Using a straw by Sonton, a professional bio disposable cup and straw company, can solve this problem.

Secondly, with this design, the ratio of the cross-sectional circumference to the cross-sectional area will increase, and the heat dissipation efficiency will be improved. In addition, the mouth of the concave straw is very thin, so it will not inhale too much at one time, and it will not burn the mouth when drinking coffee.

We also found that this hot drink straw has a very hard texture, so we can use it to stir coffee. The double-row and double-hole design can improve stirring efficiency and feel. Many solid plastics will become softer, but hollow stirring rods are stronger. And the hollow design can also save costs.

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