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Coffee cups have always been favored by coffee lovers. Soton’s disposable paper coffee cups use ecological pulp paper, which is green, environmentally friendly, heat and leak-proof. The inner wall of the compostable paper coffee cups can be evenly coated with PE film or PLA film. This type of biodegradable cup by Soton, a professional organic paper cup manufacturer, has a size and printed logo that can be customized according to customer requests such as single-layer cups, double-layer hollow cups and corrugated cups. PS cup lid, PLA cup lid, paper cup lid can also be provided to match the eco-friendly paper cups which become sone of the most indispensable items in people's lives for various scenes and fields.

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Disposable Paper Cup

Soton, a professional bio paper cup manufacturer adhering to the eco-friendly principle, provides disposable and compostable paper cups at relatively cheap wholesale prices, so as to reduce the burden of our mother earth and also bring a healthy lifestyle to our customers.

Specifications of Disposable Paper Cup

The size can be varied from 2OZ to 32OZ. The logo and the raw material of the paper can be customized under request

Advantages of Disposable Paper Cup

  • One of the most popular disposable products in the market

  • The paper cup use the natural paper pulp, which is safe and environmentally friendly

  • All size of the paper cup has the lid to pair with, customers can purchase the paper cup with lid set together form our company which will save your time

Disposable containers provide us with convenience but also many problems, among which the most serious are waste management and environmental pollution. The vast majority of disposable paper cups cannot be degraded and recycled, and the use of disposable paper cups filled with hot milk, tea, coffee, and other high-temperature liquids will produce harmful substances. While Soton’s biodegradable paper cups with good sealing performance are non-toxic, odor-free, and pollution-free products. The organic cups by Soton, a reliable disposable paper cup supplier, can be decomposed and degraded without destroying the soil structure or producing secondary pollution, very environmentally friendly.  

Biodegradable Cups For Cold & Hot Beverage

At present, disposable paper cups sold on the market are mainly divided into three kinds: one is made of white cardboard, mainly used to hold dry things, not water and oil; the second type is waxed paper cups, waterproof and thick, but the wax contains cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which melts when the water in the cup rises above 90℃; the third is now widely used paper-plastic cup, with the outside a layer of paper, the inside a layer of drenching paper. A traditional paper cup is based on the composite material is paper, such as LDPE and PET plastic, which can be degraded naturally and thus can not meet the requirements of environmental protection. While with the development of PLA biodegradable materials and paper laminating technology, the problem is solved. PLA disposable paper coffee cups with lids by Sonton can be used for both cold drinks and hot beverages, producing no harmful substances that may pose threat to the environment or human bodies.   

Custom Compostable Paper Cups Wholesale From Soton

As a reputable disposable paper cup company, Sonton offers custom biodegradable cups for both hot and cold drinks, all with competitive wholesale prices. Our compostable water cups can be well degraded and recycled, causing no harm to the environment. Disposable paper tea cups with different sizes and patterns are available to better meet the needs of our customers.   

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