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Coffee cups have eco friendly paper cups wholesale been favored by coffee lovers. Soton’s disposable paper coffee cups use ecological pulp paper, which is green, environmentally friendly, heat and leak-proof. The inner wall of the compostable paper coffee cups can be evenly coated with PE film or PLA film. This type of biodegradable cup by Soton, a professional organic compostable paper cups wholesale manufacturer, has a size and printed logo that can be customized according to customer requests such as single-layer cups, double-layer hollow cups and corrugated cups. PS cup lid, PLA cup lid, paper cup lid can also be provided to match the eco-friendly paper cups which become one of the most indispensable items in people's lives for various scenes and fields.

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Disposable Paper Cup

Soton, a professional eco friendly paper cups wholesale manufacturer adhering to the eco-friendly principle, provides disposable and compostable paper cups at relatively cheap wholesale prices, so as to reduce the burden of our mother earth and also bring a healthy lifestyle to our customers.
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