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Bamboo straw is made of natural bamboo and refined by physical drilling and a high-temperature carbonization process. The product maintains the natural fragrance and characteristics of the bamboo and ensures sterility and mildew resistance of the product. The conventional size is 8x200mm and we can offer diverse packaging under requests. This type of biodegradable drinking straws can be packed in paper boxes or canvas bags, which can be naturally degraded after being discarded, and is green, and environmentally friendly.

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Specifications of SOTON Bamboo Straws

Diameter: 6, 8, 12mm, the length is 200mm.

Advantages of SOTON Bamboo Straws

With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, people have a higher understanding of plastic pollution. It is urgent to reduce the pollution of plastic to the environment. Bamboo biodegradable straws are made of bamboo strips, bamboo charcoal, or bamboo fiber. Bamboo reusable straw does not contain toxic substances and are beneficial to human health. Biodegradable bamboo straws can decompose naturally and be absorbed by soil after use. Eco-friendly bamboo straws can also be recycled and used as fertilizer or made into egg trays and other products. As a bamboo straw company, we can custom bamboo straws according to your demands and offer bamboo straws for sale. Various kinds of reusable bamboo drinking straws are produced, such as bamboo straws for restaurants, bamboo cocktail straws, and so on.  Please feel free to contact us.

  • The product is made of natural bamboo by a physical process, safe and clean to use

  • Can be discarded easily because it can be composted in a short time under natural conditions without doing any harm to the environment

  • The bamboo straw has a natural plant fragrance while using

Bulk Buy Bamboo Straws From Soton

Different colors and types of disposable bamboo straws are on sale. We support bamboo straws in bulk and perfect services for customers. If you want to buy bamboo straws or know more about bamboo straw packaging, you can send emails to us.

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