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What's the Difference Between Biodegradable Drinking Straws and Plastic One?

Whether you drink milk tea, coffee, or Coke, sip straws are generally crucial tools. However, environmental protection factors have forced plastic straws to withdraw from the market. Perhaps most people do not realize how harmful large quantities of plastic straws are to the environment, but pollution has permeated every aspect of life.

1. What are biodegradable boba straws?

Biodegradable drinking straws are also called PLA degradable straws. PLA is polylactic acid, also known as polylactide. It is a polyester polymer obtained by polymerizing lactic acid as the main raw material, and it belongs to a new type of biodegradable material.

2. What are the characteristics of biodegradable boba straws from others?

PLA biodegradable drinking straws have good biodegradability. After use, they can be completely degraded by microorganisms in nature, and finally generate carbon dioxide and water, which does not pollute the environment and is very beneficial to environmental protection. It is recognized as an environmentally friendly material.

3. What is the difference between biodegradable and plastic boba straws?

PLA biodegradable boba straws have a similar taste to traditional plastics; PLA polylactic acid biodegradable straws use starch as the main raw material. Since starch is a biodegradable natural polymer, it is decomposed into glucose under the action of microorganisms, and then decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, and the final straw is also degradable; and plastic straws are discarded after use, plastic sip straws cannot be degraded by nature, it will form white pollution and cause pollution to the environment.

4. The prospect of biodegradable boba straws 

Under the pressure of both policy and environmental protection, many end users have replaced traditional plastic straws and paper straws with PLA sip straws, and many manufacturers have also transformed the production of PLA straws. It can be seen that the market potential of PLA degradable straws is huge.

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