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Types of Biodegradable Straws

Ⅰ. Biodegradable straws replaces plastic straws

Traditional plastic straws are generally non-degradable. Because they are disposable and easily released into the environment, they can easily enter rivers, lakes and oceans, causing "white pollution". It is for these reasons that China has banned the use of non-degradable straws in the catering industry since the end of 2020. Thus, What are the environmental protection straws? Let us introduce compostable straws wholesale and biodegradable straws bulk to you.

Ⅱ. Different types of biodegradable straws

1. PLA straw

The PLA straws use lactic acid, a renewable plant resource, as its raw material. PLA straw are renewable, fully degradable and adopt bio-safety materials. It is a project developed on the basis of traditional polypropylene (PP) straws in recent years. The production process is simple and the production cycle is short. It adopts a one-time extrusion molding process. With the help of the extrusion effect of the screw, the PLA particles melted by heat are extruded through the die, cooled and shaped in a water tank under pressure, and then cut into straws of various specifications. Soton has biodegradable plastic straws bulk, Inquiry today.

2. Paper straw

The soft reusable straws uses food-grade virgin wood pulp paper as the main raw material, and its production process is processed by three or four-layer food-grade raw paper glue, roll tube, slitting, drying and other steps. During the molding process, you need to pay attention to factors such as machine speed and glue volume, and adjust the straw diameter through the size of the mandrel. The entire production process of paper straws is relatively simple and easy to mass produce. And there are many types of paper straws, such as gold striped paper straws, green and white paper straws and so on.

3. Starch straw

Starch straws are produced using natural crop starches such as wheat, rice, corn, cassava and potatoes as the main raw materials. After extensive verification and testing, they can meet the needs of contacting different beverages and dairy liquids. The starch straw will not melt when in use, edible, does not cause pollution, and can achieve the purpose of environmental protection like our eco friendly drinking cups. The production process of starch straws abandons the traditional straw production method and creates a brand-new production method. The entire production line is formed by mixing raw materials → high-temperature extrusion → cutting and forming → hot air drying → sterilization and packaging, which can achieve automation and large-scale production. 

4. Reusable straws: glass straws, stainless steel straws

In addition to the above-mentioned degradable straws, there are also reusable glass straws and stainless steel straws that are also the best alternatives to plastic straws. Soton has a professional stainless steel straws factory, if you have any needs of biodegradable straws wholesale, please feel free to email us.

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