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Disposable Gloves Bulk For Sale

As a professional disposable gloves manufacturer, SOTON provides customers with different kinds of food-grade disposable gloves customization, mainly including Disposable Biodegradable Gloves and Disposable PE Gloves.

SOTON Disposable Biodegradable Gloves are made of corn starch, which is highly breathable, softer to the touch, exudes the natural aroma of raw materials, and are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

SOTON PE gloves are made of polyethylene LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE blown film, and they are disposable gloves. The characteristics of PE gloves: waterproof, anti-oil, anti-bacteria, acid and alkali resistance, antibacterial.

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Types of SOTON Disposable Gloves For Sale

Use of Disposable Gloves

  • Besides eco friendly recycling bags, biodegradable food safe disposable gloves are also very commonly used daily necessities in our daily life, whether it is when we eat or clean things. In addition to these uses, eco friendly gloves have many magical uses in life. As a leading disposable hand gloves manufacturer, Soton supplies disposable gloves with relatively cheap wholesale price. Sonton will introduce you some tips for the use of our food-grade gloves in the daily life.

  • We can put the toothbrushes into disposable gloves one by one, one in each finger, so that the toothbrushes will not touch each other, it is very hygienic to put together, and it is very convenient to carry. Can also be used to carry various gadgets.

  • In addition, we can also cut off all the finger parts, squeeze shower gel, shampoo, facial cleanser, etc. into the fingers, use the straightening stick at home to perm his mouth, seal it directly, and store it very well. Convenient, and then we put it into disposable gloves, and put a small towel, so it is very convenient to carry.

  • When we go out to carry lotion, lotion, etc., we can put disposable gloves on the mouth of the bottle, and then cover the lid, which can greatly increase its tightness.

  • Since they are food-safe disposable gloves, you can also use them to grab food, 100% safety assured.


Why Choose to Buy Soton Disposable Gloves Bulk Wholesale

Because of COVID-19, there is a significant increase in demand for disposable plastic tableware and gloves globally. Apart from medical use, disposable gloves are suitable for many occasions, whether you need to use them in the office, in the supermarket or service industry. Soton is one of the largest disposable glove companies in China and has abundant experience in disposable gloves wholesale. 

In terms of product safety, we make sure that our product meets the top safety standard and our grade disposable gloves contain no toxic latex or harmless powder which will cause damage to your body. They are also BPA-free. They are suitable for a quick clean up and would cause no harm to the environment. If you want to buy disposable gloves, our biodegradable disposable gloves are useful without bringing harm to the environment. Our disposable gloves for sale is very cost-effective and competitive in the market, we would be pleased to receive your inquiry and we can offer discounts if you buy our disposable gloves in bulk.

FAQs of Soton disposable gloves

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